College of Law Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas Publishes his New Book Climate and Energy Governance for a Sustainable Future, Springer Nature, 2023

Book Summary:

This book is divided into three parts and 19 chapters. Part 1 (Chapters 1 to 4) sets the scene of the book. It provides an analysis of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, examines COP26, and questions the political process in the US for the creation of policy for meaningful greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Part 2 (Chapters 5 to 12) explores various ways in which one can effectively mitigate climate change. It does so by providing an analysis of carbon pricing, the development of specific green energy technologies to promote economic prosperity, and an analysis of electric vehicles and other elements of electrification in areas with carbon-intensive electricity supply.

Part 3 (Chapters 13 to 19) analyses the international dimension of energy governance (both regional and global) and climate action. It provides an analysis of the challenges faced by small island developing states, least-developed countries and other vulnerable places. It also offers an analysis of the prospects for a European Energy Union and explores why energy security and decarbonization are so important. Lastly, it explores global energy governance and how its fragmentation can be reduced.

About the author

Alfaisal University’s newly joined College of Law Faculty Professor Rafael Leal Arcas has published a new book titled “International Trade and Sustainability”.

Before joining Alfaisal College of LAW – which was founded in 2021- Professor Rafael was the Program Director of the LLM in International Economic Law at Queen Mary University of London (UK). His research and publications focus on many subjects, including the European Union, sustainability, international trade, energy, and climate change.

He has published more than19 books, which include: International Trade Relations of the European Union: A Legal and Policy Analysis (2022), Climate Clubs for a Sustainable Future (2021), The Future of International Economic Law and the Rule of Law (2020), EU Energy Law and Policy (2020), EU Trade Law (2019), Commentary on the Energy Charter Treaty (2018), University Initiatives in Climate Change Mitigation (2018), Research Handbook on EU energy law and policy (2017), European Energy Union (2016), Energy Security, Trade and the EU (2016), International Energy Governance (2014), Climate Change and International Trade (2013), International Trade and Investment Law (2010), and Theory and Practice of EC External Trade Law (2008), among others.

In addition, he authored more than 220 scholarly publications on international trade and WTO law, international environmental and energy law, EU law, international investment law and the interaction among them in American and European law reviews.

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