MATLAB Workshop

The Electrical Engineering department organized a university wide MATLAB Seminar and Technical Sessions on 30th September 2018 from 10:00am to 3:00pm. The seminar and sessions were conducted by Dr. Joachim Levelt and Eng. Stefano Olivieri from Mathworks. The main objective was to motivate faculty and students from all collages to fully utilize the functionalities of Matlab in bridging the gap between theory and implementation.

In the introductory session, Dr. Joachim Levelt gave an overview of MATLAB’s campus wide license acquired by Alfaisal University and its benefits including the access to a wide array of educational and research tools and resources. This includes a diverse range of fields such as control systems, bioinformatics, and finance. With this license, any student, faculty or staff member with an active email can download MATLAB and Simulink, take guided online modules, and learn to use MATLAB toolboxes and applications.

Eng. Stefano Oliveri started the session with the use of MATLAB in deep learning applications. The session covered the diverse applications of deep learning and how to import pre-trained models in MATLAB, a demonstration of how to identify the objects in the surroundings by using AlexNet, a convolutional neural network (CNN), Real Time Prototyping of Algorithms on target hardware including raspberry PI and an Android Tablet to process Real World Signals. The latter application demonstrated MATLAB’s image processing toolbox for recognizing specific colors (RGB) in a real time video and an overview of developing a Simulink model for an image processing application. The sessions had active participation and engagement by both students and faculties from various Departments and Colleges. The presenters were thanked for their thorough presentations and invited over next year for another day of Matlab technical sessions.

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