Houston Methodist Global Health Care Services

A delegation from Houston Methodist Global Health Care Services headed by VP José F. Nunez visited Alfaisal University on Sunday, September 30th, 2018, to explore mutual collaborations and partnerships. During the visit Dr. Maen Abdelrahim, Assistant Professor of Medicine in Oncology, Institute for Academic Medicine Director, Cockrell Centres for Advanced Therapeutics Assistant Clinical Member, Research Institute Houston Methodist, gave a lecture on the topic of ‘’Gut Health and Cancer’’.

In his lecture, he highlighted different types of Gastrointestinal Cancer, their signs, symptoms, risk factors and means of prevention, where he emphasized on the vitality of a person’s diet on preventing, as well as increasing the risk of having one of many types of GI cancers. He explained that each type is unique in a certain geographical area where its strongly related to the diet and eating habits followed by people who live there, some types you will find in an Asian country like Iran and South Korea Only, others will be common in the American continent. The lecture was concluded by a short Q&A session.

Houston Methodist Global Health Care Services is a global institution that offers different medical and healthcare services such as: Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston Methodist Research Institute, The Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation and Education and more.

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