Seminar on Machine Learning by Electrical Engineering Alumni Eng. Reem Mahmoud.

On December 29, 2016, Eng. Reem Mahmoud gave a talk to members of Alfaisal University on her work in recognizing human activity using machine learning. During the talk, entitled “Multi-Task Learning Models for Personalized Context Recognition Event”, Eng. Reem offered a review of state-of-the-art research on sensor-based activity recognition. The talk also included an overview of Eng. Reem’s own work pursued as part of her masters at the American University in Beirut (AUB). She further discussed other projects she has been involved with since starting at AUB in September 2015.

Eng. Reem graduated with honors from Alfaisal’s Electrical Engineering program in the spring of 2015, and the CoE was proud to have her back in her alma mater. The talk was well attended by both students and faculty, and Eng. Reem graciously responded to the many queries raised by the audience. At the end of the talk, a token of appreciation was presented by Dr. Abd-Elhamid M. Taha (EE, Chair) on behalf of CoE’s Acting Dean, Prof. Nidal Nasser.