Basic Laboratory Skills Program (BLSP)

Alfaisal University CoM, Basic Laboratory Skills Program –BLSP, would like to share its latest scientific and innovative achievement.

“Basic science research plays a pivotal role in advancing healthcare diagnostics and therapeutics. In today’s 21st century, proficiency in basic science research is rapidly emerging as a fundamental competency to all medical graduates. Unfortunately, in Saudi Arabia, few medical students express interest in basic science research. This can be attributed to insufficient exposure to scientific research in curriculum and failure to realize the central value of basic science research. There is a pressing need to establish curricular and extra-curricular initiatives to spike the interest and enhance the basic science research skills among medical students. Basic Laboratory Skills Program (BLSP) is a Program that is being conducted at Alfaisal University laboratory under the guidance of Prof. Khaled Al-Kattan and the supervision of Dr. Dana Bakheet. This Program is a collaboration between Undergraduate Research Committee (URC), SMILE cancer support group and Alfaisal University laboratory. BLSP is established to teach basic science skills that are deemed necessary to medical students in order to function with high confidence in most laboratory settings. Students will be taught a list of essential basic science skills in a hybrid module consisting of interactive lectures, interactive videos, extensive hands-on bench training, and continuous assessments.”