Field trip to Obeikan Investment Group attended by Female Students in the Supply Chain & Logistics and Operations Management classes

On April 25, 2016, students were given the opportunity by College of Business at Alfaisal University to visit one of the Kingdom’s biggest packaging and educational companies, Al Obeikan, located in the industrial city. They were allowed to look into the successful business practices and get real life experience on how concepts acquired in the classroom are implemented by world-class firms. Students were shown a short video on how the company works and what products they provide then they were given a presentation on how the supply chain management of the company works, and how the process of production is done. The presentation showed them the entire supply chain process from raw material to the final product. After the presentation, the managers addressed the variety of questions students put forward.

In addition, the students were taken on a tour in the factory with its latest technologies. The company has multiple plants and each plant was specialized in different category of the products such as packaging materials and plastics.

Students stated that “It’s always good to step out into the real business world and experience the hustle and bustle of such huge companies and we are very glad we were given the chance to experience this and would like to thank Al Obeikan and our University for granting us the opportunity to do this”.