Launching Robogals Club at Alfaisal University

On Thursday, November 26th, an event was carried out to announce the launching of Alfaisal’s Robogals Club. The Robogals club is a global organization that aims to increase diversity in STEM fields through fun activities to educate the minority (especially females) about STEM fields. There are 32 chapters of this club that have been established around the world. Robogals.Saudi is the 32nd chapter that has been established for the first time in the Middle East this past summer. Alfaisal students went through a submission and interviewing process and were selected to represent the KSA Robogals branch.

The event started with welcoming remarks by Dr. Muhammad Anan, Vice Dean of Academic and Students Affairs for the College of Engineering and the Faculty Advisor of the Alfaisal’s Robogals Club. After that, the founding officers introduced the concept of diversity and how it is lacking in STEM fields. After that, they introduced the audience to Robogals and shared the story of how Robogals.Saudi was established. The event was concluded with a call to help the club on their mission to increase diversity in the simplest of ways such as volunteering and supporting RoboNeers on social media.

The founding officers of Robogals.Saudi are: Noreen Mandora (president), Ghazal Qabbani (secretary), Monira Alomran (treasurer), Nada Haboudal (marketing manager), Noura Alrubaig (sponsorship manager), Suhaila Alkhawashki and Asal Aljambi (workshop training manager), Mohja Osman (volunteering manager), Arwa Alangari (school coordination manager).