2015/2016 New orientation kicks off in order for a healthy number of new Alfaisal University students

More than 800 students strove through the gates of Alfaisal University to seek their hard-earned seats in their chosen colleges (Medicine, Business Administration, Engineering and Science). The first day in the new academic year at University was noted to have begun in order throughout all university sections and colleges.

As the new students joined their colleagues of higher years, they were given an orientation program about the university and the education system there.                         Dr Muhammed bin Ali Al Hayaza, the president of the University, was pleased to announce that this day “… represents a real transition in the student’s life from general education to a university one. This is a bright and promising start, by Allaah’s Will, towards serving their beloved nation.”

On another front, Dr Hend bint Turki Al-Sudairi, Vice-Dean for Admission and Registration, explained the academic process and method by which students can register for, delete or add courses. She also covered the various activities in the university and how to benefit from them, including the different student clubs and how to join them. Dr Hend encouraged both male and female students to participate and develop their various skills and capabilities.