Alfaisal Medical Graduate to Attend Paris Assembly

We are delighted to announce that Dr Aman Inayah Teaching Assistant and Graduate of College of Medicine, has been invited to attend the Paris Assembly 2015. Dr Aman has been invited to attend as a young investigator organised by Sage Bionetworks and Institut Pasteur. The theme of the Assembly will be entitled “Connecting Open Research, Open Education and Social Impact”.

Dr Aman will also deliver a poster presentation to share his experiences in the Simulation Centre at Alfaisal University, College of Medicine with open access research and the open resources education which is provided throughout our clinical skills courses.


The Paris Assembly aims to establish an active network of researchers and leaders in education. Attendees will represent major research institutions, for example, Non-governmental organisations in education, research and scientific publishing such as Harvard Medical School, NIH, and Nature Publishing Group.

For more information on this event please see the link below.

We would like to wish Dr Aman a successful and fruitful trip to the Paris Assembly and on behalf of the College of Medicine, Dean and Faculty, offer our congratulations to him.