Innovation Project Videos by Alfaisal Business Students

Business Students participating in the Innovation Course by Dr. Robert Zacca are challenged to create value from practically nothing that is, from ‘Post-It Notes’.

The Creativity assignment within the Management of Innovation course challenges students to create value using Post It! Notes. The Post It! Notes are special because of what they do with it. The value students create can be in any area, for example, monetary, social or entertainment.

They start by identifying a problem or important issue and decide what their main objectives are. They are asked to execute their idea by taking action within one week. They are given one additional week to prepare a video presentation to communicate the value they created to the class (please see video links below). They are encouraged to wear their ‘Creativity Hats’ while developing the video show!

Additionally, they are engaged in an after event social media campaign to expose their work to the wider community and to build further value.

There are three requirements for the assignment:
1. Their activity must involve Post-It Notes in some manner;
2. They must take action, try their idea (experiment) and engage the community
3. They must identify the value they created.