Exclusive Lecture for the management class by Mr. Yuji Satoh from JCCME

The Principles of Management class at the College of Business hosted a guest lecture by Mr. Yuji Satoh, Senior coordinator of the SEHAI (Saudi Electronics & Home Appliances Institute) project sponsored by Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME), as part of the lecture series provided by the college to all business students.

In his lecture, Mr. Satoh enthusiastically discussed the role of JCCME, consists of promoting and stimulating development of the industrial economies, trade and investment in, MENA region nations. JCME also engages in situation-specific people and nation building with a dual focus on both economic and human resources development in a bridging role between Japan and MENA nations.

Mr. Satoh also listed some of the main achievements of JCCME and the SEHAI project, one of which is promoting investment in Saudi Arabia Contacted around 5000 Japanese companies (mainly manufacturers), directly interviewed 700 promising companies, and offered both financial support (market research cost subsidies) and information support (using our Saudi Arabian network) to a total of around 70 companies looking to do business in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, he discussed more on the Human resources development support aspect, that was Opened in September 2009, in the Saudi Electronics & Home Appliances Institute (SEHAI)

The lecture was attended by many business students, who interacted smartly with Mr. Satoh, additionally students were engaged in a traditional Japanese exercise called origami making, which was of an interest to all.