Alfaisal University Chemistry Professor Awarded a Two Million SAR Strategic Nanotechnology Grant

Dr Edreese Alsharaeh, an Alfaisal University Chemistry Professor, has been awarded a two million SAR KACST NPST Strategic Nanotechnology Grant in a recent competition. The proposal was highly recommended.  The research entitled “The design of new composite materials containing metal oxide supported 2D-graphene sheets” will provide new methodologies and infrastructure for nanocomposite production and characterization. The educational impact on students will also be high. In addition, more and more people are expected to use the technological infrastructure that will be established by this research.

Since Alfaisal University is a private institution this project has been channelled through KAU with Dr Sulaiman Basahel as Principal Investigator and Dr Edreese as Co-investigator.

The Acting Dean of the College of Science & General Studies at Alfaisal University, Dr Nouredine Zettili, said, “We are immensely proud of Dr Edreese not only for his research achievements, which include a recent patent application, but also for his dedication to his students as shown by his high student evaluations, and his selflessness in the area of service to Alfaisal. This is the type of faculty member that helps to build a strong research oriented institution”.