Two Sponsored Research Projects Totalling Almost 2 Million SAR Awarded to Faculty Members in College of Science & General Studies and College of Engineering

It is our pleasure to announce that Dr Samir Brahim Belhaouari an Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the College of Science & General Studies, has received an  award from the KACST General Directorate for Research Grants (GDRG).  The research project entitled: Optimized Features Encoding and Classification Algorithms for Protein in Bioinformatics,  is the first such award received by someone at Alfaisal University. The 0.6 million SAR two year project is in collaboration with Dr. Belloui Bouzid as Principal Investigator at the Universiti Teknologi Petronas in Malaysia and with Dr Samir is a Co-Investigator. The successful completion of the research will aid in the classification of protein sequences in what is termed a superfamily  and will thus help to resolve a key problem in bioinformatics. The latter refers to the application of computer science techniques to the field of biology.

Another successful faculty member is Dr Hassan Zohair Ahmad an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering. Dr Hassan has been awarded a 1.4 million SAR two year grant as part of a recent competition from the KACST National Plan for Science & Technology (NPST). This is the first such grant that has been received by the College. The project entitled  Activated Carbon/Methanol Adsorption Cooling System Driven by a Novel Solar-Powered Heat Engine, is in collaboration with Dr. Hany Al-Ansary, as Principal Investigator from King Saud University (KSU) and Dr Hassan as Co-Investigator. This research will help to build  local human capacity in the fields of solar energy and refrigeration technology.  Also, the merging of cost-effective solar energy collection and cooling technologies will  help to preserve the country’s natural resources which is one of the main objectives of the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency Program. Since Alfaisal University is a private institution, all NPST applications must be submitted through a government university or institution, such as KSU.

“We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to both Dr Samir and Dr Hassan for their achievements in receiving these competitive awards,” said Mattheus (Theo) Goosen, the Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at Alfaisal University. “We look forward to many more such awards from our competitive and productive faculty members at Alfaisal University,” he added.