Alfaisal University Students Honoured at Annual Student Research Recognition Day

Almost 100 students were recently honoured for their achievements at an Annual Student Research Recognition Day. The event which was held on 1 May 2013 at Alfaisal University in Riyadh highlighted the importance of student involvement in research, the university’s commitment to its research mission and to recognize and award students achievements.  Accomplishments included being the winning posters in the Alfaisal University 4th Annual Student Poster Competition which was held 10 April 2013, publishing articles such as journal papers and book chapters with faculty, winning awards at national and international for best oral and poster presentations, conference attendance at national and international meetings, as well as being volunteers for the King Faisal International Prize.

Mr Abdulhadi AlAmoudi, a final year medical student and Director of the Undergraduate Research Committee in the College of Medicine said that “I believe that events such as the recognition ceremony are very important in encouraging students to join scholarly driven projects. It is also well known that appreciation will help in retaining those students who are currently doing research to continue on this path. We were also very happy with the recent announcement of the Boeing Student Research Awards competition.  I think that we, as students, will continue to help advance the undergraduate research culture on campus.”

The students were thrilled to have the awards and certificates handed out by the Chair of the Executive Committee, HH P. Bandar, the Provost, Dr Faisal Al-Mubarak, the Executive Director for External Affairs, Dr Maha Al Saud, and the College Deans, Dr Gilles Cormier (Engineering), Dr. Khaled Al Kattan (Medicine), Dr Daniel Lund (Business) and Dr Nouredine Zettili (Science & General Studies).

There was also a surprize guest speaker Mr. Paul Salopek an American journalist and writer and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, who is currently on a seven year walk along one of the routes taken by early humans to migrate out of Africa. He spoke to the students about the next generation of Saudis making history every day. Mr Salopek’s journey which will cover more than 20,000 km, beginning in Africa, in Ethiopia, across the Middle East and through Asia, via Alaska and down the western edge of the Americas to the southern tip of Chile, aims to cover current major global stories by walking alongside the people who live them. The project entitled Out of Eden is partially funded by the National Geographic Magazine.


Business & Management
Prize Poster Number Poster Title and Authors


B2-AlKraidees Entrepreneurship Education in Saudi Arabia

Sara Zaki AlShowaier, Norah Abdulmajed Alkraidees


B3-Al-Saud Basic Management Practices in the Saudi  Building Industry: Exploratory Pilot Study

Saud Mohammed Al-Saud


B1-Al-Saud Business Incubators and Entrepreneurship Skills at Alfaisal University

Nouf Bandar Al Saud, Duna Turki AlSaud, Abeer Khalid AlSaud,

Engineering & Technology
Prize Poster Number Poster Title and Authors


E1-Rizvi Safety Assessment of Alfaisal University

Naqi Haider Rizvi


E4-Mahmoud Tesla’s Founding Coil

Abdulrahman Ayman Altabba, Mohamed Tarek Abdelaty, Naqi H Rizvi, Reem Abdulrahman Mahmoud

Science & Humanities
Prize Poster Number Poster Title and Authors


S1- Bajaman Bio-Specimen Ownership: Human Body as Property

Juhaina Bajaman


S2-Bandar Synth., Character. , & Antibacterial Activity of Graphene Containing Silver Nanoparticles using Microwave Irradiation

Khalid B. Alsaud

Medicine & Health Science
Prize Poster Number Poster Title and Authors


M27-Sabbagh CC2D1A, The Signalling Pathway Match Maker and its Role in Autism 

 Mohamed Diya Sabbagh


M26-Alhallaf Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Associated with Breast Feeding

Rama Ayed Alhallaf, Ranim Adnan Chamseddin, Cynthia Mosher, Tehreem Khan


M25- Sarkar Silencing the HSP27 Gene Suppresses growth and Migration Capabilities of PANC-1 Cells

Abdullah Sarkar, Haneen H. Baitalmal


M14-Sebai Autozygome-Guided Exome Seq. Reveals Path. Mut. & Novel Candidate Disease Genes in Retinal Dystrophy Patients

Mohammed-Adeeb Eassam Sebai, Ahmed Shamia, Malik Nassan, Mohammed Danny Ray-Zack


M9-Marashli The Role of CaMKII as a Chromatin Remodeler in Cardiac Hypertrophy

Qussay Marashly