Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) Visits College of Engineering at Alfaisal University to Explore and Discuss Potential Collaboration


Representatives from the Head Office at the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) visited Alfaisal University on Sunday 6 January 2013 to discuss possible areas of collaboration with College of Engineering faculty members. The visit was arranged through the Office of Research & Graduate Studies. After a brief Campus tour and a warm welcome by the Provost, the visitors were given an overview of College of Engineering programs and research activity by the Acting Dean.

It was noted that potential contributions of the College of Engineering to SEC included: Building cost-effective solutions for power stations in urban areas using solar technologies and systems; providing training courses which improve the performance of SEC engineers; and preventive maintenance studies to optimize uptime versus costs. It was agreed that College of Engineering faculty members would visit SEC in the near future to follow-up on specific potential collaborative areas in research, consultation, and scientific chairs.