Alfaisal Medical Students Publish an Original Research Article Journal & Achieve the First Three Awards in SAPIC

Alfaisal University college of Medicine research students participated in the “State of Art Pediatric International Conference” at King Fahad Cultural Center and won first three awards. The conference organizers have dedicated a special session for undergraduate research where students from all over the kingdom can contribute. The first three awards in the undergraduate research session were achieved by Alfaisal Medical students.  First award was given to Ahmad Shamia, Malik Nassan, Mohammad Adeeb Sebai and Mohammad Rayzack on the topic “Genomic Approaches Reduce the Diagnostic Challenge in Retinal Dystrophy Patients and Reveal Novel Diseases Genes “. Second award was to Cynthia Mosher, Asma AlHOulan, Tahreem Khan, Reem Hamadah, Alaa Hashem, Yosra Almakadama, Abdullah Sarkar, Abdulrahman AlHamadani, under the guidance of faculty advisor, Dr. Abiola Senok on the subject of” Improving Breastfeeding in Saudi Arabia: The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative” and finally the third award to Alrabab Alshanqity, Safia Andleeb, Ahmad Shamia, Tahreem Khan, Norah AlArifi and Leen Raddaoui- under collaboration and guidance of Dr. Saadallah, Dr. Qureshi, Dr. AlRajhi and Ms. Fadwa Mansour for “Timeliness of Care for Pediatric Patients in DEM at KFSHRC.

The students also stated that these achievements will encourage them to invest more on advancing and improving the local research program as all the previous projects were part of local research activities. In addition to supporting undergraduate female medical students’ contribution in research as the second and third awards was achieved by Alfaisal female students.

The students concluded expressing their warm gratitude to Alfaisal Provost Dr. Faisal AlMubarak and Dr.Khalid Alkattan, Dean College of Medicine and finally to King Faisal Specialist Hospital for their continuous support and encouragement. “We promise that a lot more will be coming in the near future”, as stated by the   Medical Student Association.