Impact Factor 20.827 Journal Paper from the College of Science & General Studies

Dr. Alex Kouzmenko, Professor of Molecular Biology and Life Sciences Program Director, has co-authored a paper entitled “Androgen Receptor in Health and Disease” to be published in the forthcoming volume of the “Annual Review of Physiology”:

The paper is prepared in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Tokyo and the University of Tokushima in Japan. It summarizes recent advances in our understanding of the epigenetic mechanisms of androgen action, as well as newly recognized aspects of androgen receptor-mediated male sex hormone signaling in both men and women.

The “Annual Review” is a series of publications in 41 focused disciplines from Economics and Political Sciences to Medicine and Astrophysics, offering comprehensive collections of critical reviews invited by the editors from leading scientists. They are among the most highly cited in scientific literature, as indexed by the Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report. The “Annual Review of Physiology” is ranked number 2 among journals in the field: