Alfaisal University MBA program (Cohort Three) – Induction Day

MBA Director, Prof. Nick Forster, enthusiastically welcomed everyone to the Induction day, introduced the new MBA committee members and successfully conducted the full day program.

Introduction to the University Life!!

Alfaisal University Provost, Prof. Faisal Al Mubarak, gave a brief presentation about the importance and quality of the MBA program, committed professors, and research outcomes involving MBA students. Prof. Faisal highly encouraged students immerse themselves in the program to make the most of this educational experience.

College of Business Dean, Prof. William Lathen, warmly welcomed MBA students and spoke about the Money, Brain and Connections (MBC) model and how MBA programs relate to this model.

College of Business Assistant Dean, Dr. Daniel Lund gave a very informative presentation on the code of conduct and expectations from the MBA program.

IT and Library Directors talked about the services their divisions offer. Services discussed included on and off campus connectivity, email services and academic databases accessibility. These directors encouraged students to stay in contact with their staff should any queries arise.

Adel Al Rajab, Students Affairs Counselor and former MBA student, spoke highly about the MBA program and addressed issues related to enrolment, admission, MOHE scholarships and services the division he works for offers.

MBA program expectations workshop

MBA committee Dr. Forster, Dr. Lund and Dr. Ferrer facilitated a group activity looking at students’ background, why students have chosen to do an MBA and the outcomes they expect from their studies.

After an entertaining lunch time, Dr. Forster, Dr. Lund and MBA students, opened the microphones to share thoughts on reasons for doing MBA, expected and unexpected outcomes, and anecdotes. Knowledge expansion, career advancement, skills upgrading, networking, own business capacity building an widening horizons were some of the comments that emerged from the discussion.

The day finished on a high note with a vibrant and inspiring presentation given by Alfaisal MBA Graduate students Firas Alsugair, Mazen Aljasser and Sawsan Sumier, who shared their MBA experience at Alfaisal University.