Article published in high impact journal with rating of 6.018

Professor A. A. Mohamad, former Dean of the Alfaisal College of Engineering, and Dr. H. Z. Hassan, who will be joining the Alfaisal Engineering faculty in September, has published an article entitle ‘A review of solar cold production through absorption technology’ in the Renewal and Sustainable Energy Reviews.  This is a high impact journal with a rating of 6.018.

In the paper, the authors, based on work carried out at the University of Calgary, note that traditional air coolers are great consumers of electricity and rely on working fluids that are environmentally unfriendly and in many countries, outlawed.  Solar powered cooling systems as a green cold production technology is seen to be the best alternative.  The paper contains a comprehensive literature review on absorptive based refrigeration and air conditioning systems that are powered by solar energy.  The paper discusses previous experimental and simulation studies for various systems.